Before the pandemic swept through the world, micro-weddings were just beginning to become all the rage for the new 2020-2021 wedding season. These weddings are more intimate and meaningful as they only involve those nearest and dearest to the bride and groom. However, COVID-19 has helped make this transition much easier since couples are forced “at the moment” to keep their guest counts down due to CDC regulations.

Micro in Size ~ Macro in Experience

As the name suggests, a micro-wedding is an intimate affair with typically no more than 50 guests. It has all the same components of a large wedding, but only on a much smaller scale. However, reducing guests does not mean reducing extravagance. Couples can spend more lavishly with a smaller number of people.

For instance, they may now be able to choose a super-premium bar package, a 5-star meal, a designer wedding gown, and outstanding flowers and décor. These upgrades may have not been feasible when accommodating a large guest list. This type of event also allows the couple to engage and indulge with each and every one of their guests for a more personal experience. By having a smaller event all a bride’s wishes can come true.


Brides and grooms are evolving from traditional formats to more individualized ones. They are not afraid to be unique and get creative. It is in fact, their special day, so it makes sense that their approach is all about them and not what is “supposed to be”. Playful bridal gowns, cool suits, bright socks, signature cocktails, and even an inclusion of pets are all increasingly popular and personal touches.

Go Big

Oversize flower displays visually transform a space and create the ambiance and look requested. From ceiling treatments and flower walls to floral bridges over tables, a lush landscape makes a giant statement.

In Living Color

Although traditional white weddings will always exist, a bolder color palette is becoming all the rage.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Although the rose always makes a statement, it has been pushed aside in recent years for more exotic blooms. But, the classic symbol of love is making a comeback. Bridal bouquets featuring the romantic bloom will never truly go out of style.

Take My Breath Away

Dried flowers are also making a revival. From dried pampas grasses and lavender sprigs to your grandmother’s baby’s breath, the decorative accents can be used throughout a wedding for a classic and timeless look.

Go Green

Using locally grown seasonal blooms and greenery remain on the forefront. Foliage archways and bouquets with lots of cascading greens and live plants can give an organic and eco-friendly vibe.

See the Light, Be the Light

Lighting is another top trend and a commonly forgotten factor when creating a budget. However, it serves such importance as it sets the tone and mood for an event. Vintage chandeliers, mini string lights, candles, and lanterns as well as up-lighting and pinspots truly make a difference. Custom neon signage also makes for a great keepsake.

Heavy Metal

Mixed metals certainly keep showing up at every event. Golds, silvers, pewters, and rose golds are being mixed for a dramatic appearance regardless of the inspiration. Place settings, ceremonial structures, and mercury glass are just some examples of how to incorporate these rockin’ accents.

Swing High & Have it Your Way

Following trends inspire a valuable vision for your big day. For example, swings are predicted to make their way from the playground to the ballroom this fall to create “insta”worthy moments. However, hang on tight, stay true to your style and your wants…and enjoy the ride.


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