Finding a bridal gown can be challenging enough, but searching for the right gown for multiple girls and body types can prove to be even more difficult if not handled correctly. As with everything else, there are many items to be considered especially if one has a large bridal party. So before rallying up the entourage, it’s best to do some online research and shopping. Also, choosing a color and possible styles ahead of time will alleviate headaches just the same.

Time Frame

Keep in mind that dresses may take up to six months to order with alterations possibly adding on another four to six weeks. Respectively, it is advised to start shopping at least eight months in advance.


Although it is your special day, be mindful of your bridemaids’ budgets and lifestyle. When one accepts the coveted position, they know that many extra costs are involved. But, it is nice to select affordable dresses and not to add to their financial burden. Sometimes, selecting a color and allowing them to find their own dresses is an option that many appreciate.

Selecting a Shade

Unless brides choose all black or all white, finding the perfect shade can be tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be if you select the color off your wedding date, floral palette, and venue. Fall weddings look great with rich hues of emerald and burgundy, whereas spring and summer look better with pastels or jewel tones. If you already made your floral selections, use them as your guide. Take a good look at your venue. It sets the tone as well.

One option some brides like is an ombre look where dresses range from light to dark. This type of look will also allow your squad to choose what suits them best. Selecting a shade that works with a variety of skin tones is also a good idea.  Flattering colors such as blush and beige as well as metallics like gold, silver, champagne, and bronze typically look good on everyone. Even though it is not their big day, everyone wants to look and feel their best while they stand by your side.

The Flowers

Once the dress is selected, try to get a fabric swatch to bring to your florist. If one is not available, be sure to have photos. A respected florist will want to make the appropriate suggestions based on your selection.

Should the bouquets be tight or loose? Should the color match or pop? Which flowers work best? Should it contrast with the bridal bouquet? Should the colors be inverted? Do not sweat over this decision, bridal party bouquets are one size fits all and perfect for any size wedding party.





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