Historically, the bride and groom sat at a very long royal table which included their parents and bridal party at their wedding reception. However, nowadays, most brides and grooms prefer to sit by themselves. This table has been affectionately labeled the “Sweetheart Table” and is typically placed nearby the dance floor. By choosing this type of table, the new “Mr. and Mrs.” are “front and center” and can be seen by all their guests.

The “Sweetheart Table” also eliminates many stressful decisions and arguments as to who is sitting where and with whom. Both sets of parents are then placed at tables on each side of the couple while the bridal party are sprinkled around the dance floor. Although the bride and groom are barely sitting, they get to enjoy some alone time together when listening to speeches and such. Photographers love this arrangement as well since it is easier to capture intimate moments of the newlyweds.

Like the place card table, this “head” table requires a bit of attention too. It should complement but stand out from the other guest tables. It is a great idea to have a special linen, one with perhaps some texture and weight. Chairs are another detail to splurge upon if the budget allows. These can be significantly larger in size which really show where the royal couple should take their seats. The florals should also coordinate with the rest of the space. Some prefer simplistic candles and small bouquets while others want to showcase and define the area with a grander centerpiece and maybe a backdrop such as a hedge or flower wall.

Ask your floral designer for suggestions on how to create the perfect table for two.


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