Typically, all brides become aware of the many superstitions that accompany their wedding day. The vast array of superstitions sometimes coordinates with a cultural tradition or even ancient folklore. Nonetheless, all of them have the same intention which is to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

Breaking Glass

Once such example is the breaking of glass. In a Jewish wedding, it is a way to remember the destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and symbolize the finality of the marital covenant. Italians break a glass or a vase and count the pieces which dictate how many years the couple will be happily married. Whereas in Greece, the custom of breaking plates during the reception illustrates good luck, happiness, and the permanence of marriage.

Cuts Like A Knife

One folklore superstition says to never give a bride and groom a set of knives because they signify a broken relationship. Therefore, it may be a good idea to not put a fancy set on the bridal registry.

Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away

Although many brides and wedding planners want a picture-perfect wedding day, some cultures believe that rain on a wedding day is good luck because it symbolizes fertility and cleansing.


For some, it is a time-honored tradition for the bride and groom to jump over a broom during the ceremony. The act illustrates a new beginning and a sweeping away of the past. It can also signify the joining of two families.

 Something Old, Something New

But… the age-old English rhyme which dates way back to the 1300s is probably a favorite amongst all of them. This tradition is still followed in practically every wedding regardless of nationality or religion.

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
(And a silver sixpence in her shoe)

These items carry the symbolic meaning for continuity, optimism, happiness, prosperity, purity, love, fidelity, and luck in a marriage. Brides usually find it entertaining as the bridal party and family go on the hunt to provide such items. These may include a family heirloom, a garter, a fabric swatch, a piece of jewelry, a locket, and/or a bible.

However, modern day brides are getting a bit more creative especially with “something blue”. From sapphire cocktail rings, tanzanite earrings, designer shoes, delicate monogram stitching on handkerchiefs, lacy lingerie, the bridal bouquet, the manicure, and even the dress to some of the details and decor, the signature hue is big, blue, and bolder than ever.

Photo Credit: Emily Harris Photography, Munoz Photography, and Toni Jade Photography


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