As much as brides love creating the look for their reception, the ceremony merits the same attention, if not more, since it is the first part of the wedding and the reason for the big day. In fact, it is the first look for the guests and a taste of what they can expect to come much like the wedding invitation.

Of course, how much décor and the type of décor needed all depends on the location. Many houses of worship have intricate details and do not need much adornment, while other venues need the ceremonial area more defined, therefore needing more décor.

Walk This Way

Regardless if the ceremony takes places in a synagogue, church, cathedral, hotel, garden, or beachside, the décor includes dressing the aisle all the way up to the actual nuptial area. From the entry to the runner and the pews, these can all be decorated to set the mood.

Flowers create a romantic atmosphere and should be designed to scale with the allocated space. A reputable florist will make the appropriate recommendations. Examples may be utilizing draping or creating an additional arch if the doorway you enter is not pleasing to the eye since this is a main focal point and the first entrance photo. If your florist is familiar with the venue, they will also know if there are any restrictions such as using real flames for candles or LED ones.

Mazel Tov

The chuppah itself is a tradition in Jewish ceremonies as it symbolizes the couple’s first home. It has four posts and is open on all sides which represents hospitality to one’s guests. More and more couples despite their religious beliefs are requesting something similar. Floral arches, gazebos, arbors, and columns have increasingly become more popular as well.

There is no doubt that the chuppah is the most romantic backdrop for every ceremony. However, just because it is a tradition does not mean it has to be traditional.


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