You found your dream wedding dress and secured a reputable florist, so now it is time to think about one of the most symbolic elements of the wedding day. Besides the rings, the bridal bouquet is another extremely important component. These florals tie the dress and veil all together to complete a bride’s overall look. Additionally, the flowers you choose will give your florist direction to design your ceremony and reception. When deciding on the type of flowers and style consider the following…

The Wedding Gown

Because the bouquet style should be designed to coordinate with the type of gown selected, your floral designer will most likely ask to see a photo of your wedding dress. If the dress is simple with no frills, a natural bouquet with one or two types of flowers is all that is needed. However, an elaborate beaded gown can handle more texture with a few types of florals and more greenery. Heavy fabrics and embellishments do not showcase some florals and they will get lost if not created properly. This is not to say that an uncomplicated nosegay will not work with a simplistic ball gown.


A good rule of thumb is that the silhouette of the gown should work with the shape of the bouquet. For instance, long-stemmed cala lilies or a cascade of roses and orchids will look best with a long, lean, and clean dress which perhaps has a long train and veil. These types of bouquets will not complement a short dress which does better with a smaller bunch.


A petite bride who is 5’2” and a size 2 would be overwhelmed by a large cascade-style bouquet just as a tall bride would look silly carrying a tiny bunch of roses. The shape of a bouquet can also accentuate or deemphasize an area of the body if designed correctly. For example, a teardrop bouquet can elongate the hip area, whereas an enormous pavé arrangement can widen the same area.

Popular Bouquet Styles

French Handwrap

Most brides love the look of hand-tied stems. These florals are arranged in a florist’s hand and have the most natural look. An heirloom handkerchief, locket, or other memento can easily be incorporated with this style.



This tailored look arranges flowers to create a tight and even surface. This is a great way to make inexpensive florals look like a million bucks.


Throughout the decades, this long, loose look never seems to go out-of-style. A variety of flowers are wired together and molded to create a dramatic look. A shorter cascade is often referred to as a teardrop bouquet.


The ornamental jewels are often placed in a Pavé style bouquet and have become increasingly popular.

Whatever you choose, make the bouquet about you.

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