Typically, all brides hit the ground running as soon as they get engaged. They throw themselves into the bridal cyclone and begin searching online platforms and bridal publications for all kinds of ideas. They want the perfect dress, the perfect cake, the perfect flowers, and the perfect day just as they always imagined.

One of these significant details they also want are the shoes. Besides shopping for an amazing venue and team of fabulous vendors, one tiny detail almost every bride fixates on are the shoes. Yes, the shoes! Practically every bride we encounter wants (needs) the perfect pair.

Whether they be 4-inch stilettos, cowboy boots, flip flops, or fun high-tops to dance the night away, these kicks show a bride’s style and personality. Perhaps, it is because she found her soul mate who swept her off her feet? Maybe, it is because of the fairy tale? Maybe, she is just obsessed with shoes?

Whatever the answer may be, designers are aware and continuously create a variety of options. Each year’s bridal shoe collections are filled with luxurious textures, patterns, bling, and even unique colors. From the traditional to the outrageous, brides spend countless hours searching for this “sole”mate to take them down the aisle.

These beauties never get overlooked either. They get quality time in front of the camera just the same as the one wearing them.

If the shoe fits, buy it!

Photo Credit: Munoz Photography

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