One necessary design element showcased at a wedding is the seating-card, escort-card, or place-card table. Whatever one calls it, it is the first “WOW” factor of your event that guests see. Therefore, it should be treated with upmost care. Make a grand statement by selecting a special linen and floral centerpiece. Of course, this should coordinate with the rest of the décor in the ceremony and the reception.

Besides the color, also think about the texture and weight of the fabric when choosing this particular linen or overlay. This one can be a bit more dramatic than the ones you choose for your guest tables. Whether it be one large vase with an assortment of florals or a grouping of vases with bunches of flowers, the floral arrangement should be a bit grander as well. Candles, rose petals, and lighting are also great features to include.

The cards themselves can be presented in different ways. The obvious is an alphabetical arrangement around or across a table. But if you want to get creative, they can be suspended from branches with ribbons, placed in trays of sand or grass, or laid out across various height risers to make a unique presentation. Some brides like to add a few personal touches by placing sentimental items such as photos or family heirlooms along with a guest sign-in book.

There is no right or wrong way, your florist can help you design the right one for your style and your event. Finding your seat never looked so good.



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