Venue: Pavilion Grille
Photographer: Wendy J Studios

The beautiful decor began with the entrance to the party. A sign trimmed in party lights that read “Jamie and Mandy’s Broadway Bash” was placed at the start of a plush red carpet that was laid out for the guests. The carpet was lined on either side by red velvet ropes and stanchions.  ●  An opulent floral creation of white, lavender, and purple flowers with gold leaf accents was designed for the place card table. This was set on a giant silver urn.  ●  For the adults’ centerpieces, our artists created fabulous Broadway theme props. These were large, double-sided Playbills featuring one of Mandy and Jamie’s favorite Broadway shows. A collection of glass cylinders filled with flowers surrounded the base of each display.  ●  Our artists also created smaller centerpieces for the tables in the kids’ area that featured photos of more Broadway shows.  ●  A custom Broadway-themed display was designed for the candle lighting ceremony.  ●  The dance floor was personalized with Jamie and Mandy’s Broadway Bash party logo placed in the center of the dance floor.

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