Football was the theme for Logan’s awesome Bar Mitzvah. ● Our in-house Art Department created tall, three-dimensional centerpieces in the form of football goal posts. Each of these displays featured the NFL logo and a football helmet from one of Logan’s favorite teams. Blue hydrangeas and red roses, nestled in a bed of wheatgrass, encircled the base of the goal posts. ● The entrance to the kids’ area was framed in aluminum trussing. A sign that read “Logan’s Tailgate” was decorated with the Miami Dolphins logo and suspended above this entrance. ● A special display was made for the candle lighting ceremony that incorporated the football theme. This was designed with a football stadium background. The display was embellished with a football, plus helmets from the Steelers, the Seahawks, the Broncos, and the Giants ● Vibrant blue washes of light around the room completed the party atmosphere.

Venue: Polo Club
Photographer: Munoz Photography

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