Venue: Congregation Kol Tikvah
Photographer: Wendy J Studios
Entertainment: Celebrity Entertainment

Artistically styled centerpieces and bold colors were the key design elements in the decor for Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah celebration. The result was a beautiful, vibrant and fun party atmosphere!  ●  We designed two centerpiece styles that were alternated throughout the ballroom.  ●  The first design consisted of five clusters of flowers set in tall glass cylinders. Each cluster was comprised of a different variety of flower: white calla lilies, garnet glow calla lilies, white orchids, lavender Matthiola, and purple hydrangeas.  ●  The second style was a grand arrangement of calla lilies, orchids, roses, Matthiola, and natural branches set within a tall glass vase.  ●  A beautiful facade for the kids’ area was created using swags of hot pink and deep purple fabric along with silver paillettes. The sign suspended above this entrance was trimmed in party lights and featured Samantha’s custom logo.  ●  The seating for the kids’ area included a combination of high and low cocktail tables, comfortable couches, and coffee tables personalized with Samantha’s logo.  ●  A gorgeous custom display was created for the candle lighting ceremony.  ●  We suspended silver paillette curtains from the ceiling above the dance floor to add a little sparkle.  ●  We constructed a sleek, custom-made bar designed with plexiglass framed in aluminum. The bar was lit from within, and Samantha’s party logo was featured on the front. We also supplied a bar back for the glasses decorated with photos of Samantha.  ●  An amazing party atmosphere was created in the ballroom with dramatic purple lighting on the walls and ceiling.

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