Venue: Broken Sound Club
Photographer: Munoz Photography

For Jessica and Madelyn’s B’not Mitzvah, our designers used vibrant purple and hot pink colors for the decor.  ●  For the place card table, we designed an eye-catching floral arrangement in colorful pink, lavender, and purple hues. The flowers included: roses, hydrangeas, lisianthus, stargazer lilies, and matthiola blossoms, with accents of curly willow. This was placed atop an elegant crystal and gold stand. The place card table was covered with a deep purple tablecloth of crushed velvet.  ●  In the ballroom, lush, garden-style centerpieces graced each of the guests’ tables. A beautiful pink, lavender, purple and violet floral arrangement was set atop a tall glass vase. Purple orchid blooms were submerged within the vase. The centerpiece design included: roses, hydrangeas, orchids, lisianthus, stargazer lilies, and matthiola blossoms, with accents of curly willow. Pretty butterflies adorned the branches.  ●  A pink rose blossom adorned each napkin, and added a decorative touch to the place settings.  ●  A lovely display of elegantly draped fabric provided a facade for the children’s area. Clusters of flowers were placed at the tie-back points. The entire back wall of this area was also draped in fabric. Jessica’s side was purple, and Madelyn’s side was hot pink. A sign with both girls names was displayed in the center.  ●  A lounge setting was created using couches with pillows embroidered with Jessica and Madelyn’s names.  ●  Petite gathers of pink and purple flowers were placed in glass containers wrapped with bling ribbon.  ●  A gorgeous painting of rich colors was used as the background for the girls’ custom made candle lighting display.  ●  A dramatic look was achieved with purple and hot pink lighting around the ballroom walls and ceiling.

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