Venue: Flagler Museum
Event Planner: Eventrics
Photographer: Ambrosio Photography

Deirdre and Damian’s classic, elegant style was evident throughout every detail of their wedding celebration.  ●  The gorgeousness began with Deirdre’s exquisite bridal bouquet of Picasso miniature calla lilies. Crystals nestled within each bloom added a delicate shimmer. Her bridesmaids held pretty bouquets of champagne and lavender roses.  ●  For the wedding ceremony, we designed two magnificent arrangements of cream, lavender, purple, and pale blue flowers that were set in majestic silver urns, and placed on either side of the area where the couple exchanged their vows. The flower selection included:  roses, orchids, hydrangea, lisianthus, and matthiola.  ●  The aisle was lined with lovely triple topiary plants decorated with cream, lavender, and purple flowers.  ●  A white runner with a border of purple rose petals completed the look.  ●  For the reception, we designed three centerpiece styles that were alternated throughout the ballroom. The flower selections included: cream roses, lavender roses, pale blue hydrangeas, purple orchids, and purple matthiola.  ●  The first style was a beautiful floral arrangement set atop a flared glass vase with roses submerged in water. ● The second centerpiece was a gold wrought iron tree lavishly decorated with flowers along the branches. A lush arrangement of flowers was placed at the base, and hanging candles were suspended from the branches.  ●  The final design was a tablescape consisting of a collection of glass vessels with roses submerged in water and topped with floating candles. Low, pave style arrangements of flowers were interspersed between the glass vessels.  ●  Orchid blossoms were placed on top of the beautiful cake, and soft rose petals and orchid heads were scattered at the base.  ●  The lawn area in front of the Flagler Museum received a beautiful array of faux LED pillar candles with flickering flames.  These were set in curved patterns, and created a very special effect as the guests left the party.

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