“Dani’s Sugar Factory” was the theme for this unique Bat Mitzvah with cute, candy-inspired decor elements. Our designers created fun, colorful centerpieces for the adults’ tables in two different styles. ● Rectangular tables received long, horizontal displays consisting of a clear acrylic shelf set on top of tall cylindrical vases. These were branded with “Dani’s Sugar Factory” labels. Round tables held tall, vertical displays made of silver stands with glass shelves. ● Both styles were decorated with a collection of floating candles in cylinders wrapped with bands of rhinestone ribbon. Bright yellow rubber ducks added a whimsical element of fun. The centerpieces also featured glass orbs holding colorful candy placed around a votive candle. These were attached using crystal strands which added lots of sparkle to each display. All of the centerpieces were placed on top of mirrors which beautifully reflected the candlelight and colorful decor elements. ● For the kids’ area, we constructed custom made high-top tables. The tabletops featured brightly colored wraps designed with a candy motif. These were set on top of tall white pedestals. ● We provided a white acrylic soda bar customized with Dani’s party logo on the front. ● The adults’ bar in the main part of the ballroom also featured the party logo. This double-sized bar was decorated with candy dots on the front and side panels. ● The entire ballroom was draped in white fabric, and illuminated with colorful lighting. ● The dance floor was personalized with the “Dani’s Sugar Factory” logo placed in the center of the floor.

Venue: B’nai Aviv
Photographer: Toni Jade Photography

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