For Ava’s Celebration, rather than a Bat Mitzvah theme, she chose a stylish blue and white color scheme featuring a touch of sparkle. Dalsimer Atlas enjoyed bringing this party to life at the elegant Weston Hills Country Club. ● Our designers created a stunning display for the place card table. They made an exquisite, white floral arrangement, and placed it on top of a tall glass pedestal that was draped with hanging crystals. The Tiffany blue plumes emanating from the top completed the look. ● We transformed the ballroom into a fantastic party setting. ● Each of the guest tables was decorated with a magnificent centerpiece that beautifully combined gorgeous, white flowers with Tiffany blue feathers. The flower selection included roses, hydrangea, and orchids. Each centerpiece was set atop a white lacquer stand that was encircled with a band of silver bling.

A marvelous facade for the Kids’ Area was created using drapes of white fabric overlaid with swags of blue fabric. A sign trimmed in party lights that read “Ava” was suspended above this entrance. ● Our artists created small centerpieces for the tables in this area that featured Ava’s name in a decorative script, her custom logo, and bling accents. ● A fabulous custom display was created for the candle lighting ceremony. Candles, decorated with blue ribbon and silver bling accents, were nestled in a low arrangement of flowers similar to those used in the guest table centerpieces. A pretty “Ava” sign served as the background. ● We wrapped the dance floor with a white, high-gloss vinyl overlay for a seamless look. The dance floor was personalized with Ava’s party logo placed in the center. ● A unique display of blue fabric was draped across the ceiling over the dance floor in a carousel design. Long strands of miniature lights were interwoven with the fabric to create a soft, starlike effect. ● The ballroom elegance included floor-to-ceiling fabric draping for the entire room. Vibrant blue lighting, placed around the ballroom, provided the finishing touch to this wonderful event.

Venue: Weston Hills Country Club
Photographer: Munoz Photography

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