Venue: Broken Sound Club
Photographer: Munoz Photography

Sabrina’s glamourous Bat Mitzvah celebration took place at the Broken Sound Club.  ●  The lovely decor began in the lobby, where the place card table was enhanced by a beautiful arrangement of hydrangeas in shades of white and blue, with accents of green. This was set atop a glass cylinder vase with white orchid stems submerged within the vase. Pillar candles and scattered blossoms finished this display.  ●  In the ballroom, a magnificent crystal candelabra was placed on each guest table. These held glass enclosed candles in the upper branches, with crystal bead accents. A luxuriant centerpiece was arranged at the top of each candelabra consisting of hydrangeas, orchids, and roses. A lush arrangement of hydrangeas was set at the base.  ●  The teen lounge was framed by a decorative facade of fabric drapes and  strands of silver paillettes. A specially made “Sabrina” sign was set above the entrance, and two columns with photos of Sabrina were placed on either side. Each column was lit from within to showcase the photos.  ●  Couches were placed around coffee tables that were personalized with Sabrina’s party logo on top. Cocktail tables were decorated with petite floral arrangements set in custom made cubes that featured photos of Sabrina.

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