Venue: Stonebridge Golf and Country Club
Photography: Munoz Photography

For Madison’s celebration, we designed two centerpiece styles that were alternated throughout the ballroom.  ●  Every centerpiece included three cylinder vases containing a cluster flowers. One held hot pink roses, another contained purple dendrobium orchids, and the third had dark violet matthiola.  ●  For variety, half of the displays featured the flowers emanating from the top of the vases. While for the remaining displays, the clusters of flowers were submerged within the cylinders and topped with a floating candle.  ●  All of the centerpieces were set on top of a mirrored base and surrounded by a collection of candles.  ●  Large photos of Madison were hung in key areas of the ballroom to personalize the party.  ●  And finally, a dramatic look was achieved with state-of-the-art LED lighting in turquoise and pink tones.

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