Technology and basketball were combined with elegance in the decor for Jared’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.  ●  Jared’s interest in computer apps was a key element in the theme decorations. The centerpieces consisted of four-sided displays with logos from each of Jared’s favorite apps like YouTube and Instagram. These were set on top of tall rectangular vases filled with blue gel. The entire centerpiece was lit from within, making a dramatic impression throughout the ballroom.  ●  Jared’s love of basketball was incorporated in the decor and in the custom airbrushed basketballs given as favors to the guests.  ●  We affixed Jared’s custom logo to the dance floor.  ●  Vibrant shades of blue were used in the linen selection, the centerpieces, and the washes of light around the ballroom.  ●  A beautiful arrangement of blue and white flowers was created for the candy bar.

Venue: Delray Beach Marriott
Photographer: Munoz Photography

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