The theme for Marly’s gorgeous Bat Mitzvah was “All You Need Is Love.” The decor combined a vibrant red and white color scheme, beautiful flowers, and a touch of sparkle! ● A lovely place card table display was the focal point of the lobby. An arrangement of white orchids, white hydrangea, and a bold accent of red roses was set atop a tall glass cylinder vase. White orchid blossoms were submerged within the vase. ● For Marly’s celebration, our floral designers created contemporary centerpieces on the guest tables. The design consisted of several clusters of flowers sent in tall glass cylinder vases. Each cluster was comprised of a different variety of flower: white hydrangeas, white orchids, white roses, and red roses. This display was elevated on an acrylic riser supported by cubes filled with red gel. 

An elegant facade for the Teen area was created using swags of red and white fabric, plus shimmering silver paillette curtains. A sign trimmed in party lights that read “All You Need Is Love” was suspended above this entrance. ● The lounge featured a comfortable seating area with couches and coffee tables. ● Our ultra-modern, plexiglass tables, framed in aluminum were used in this area. Each table was lit from within with red lighting. Custom tabletops and pillows featured Marly’s party logo. ● A fun, modern display was created for the candle lighting ceremony. White candles floated in small cylinders filled with red gel. An “All You Need is Love” sign served as the background. ● We wrapped the dance floor with a white high-gloss vinyl overlay and added the “All You Need Is Love” party logo to the center of the floor. ● The ballroom elegance included white fabric draping for the entire room. ● A warm party atmosphere was achieved with state-of-the-art LED lighting placed around the perimeter of the ballroom, and with light patterns projected onto the dance floor.

Venue: B’nai Torah Congregation
Photographer: John Canning Fine Art Photography

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