Venue: Woodfield Country Club
Event Planner: Izzey Design & Event Management
Photographer: Wendy J Studios
Videographer: Timeline Video Productions
Entertainment: Celebrity Entertainment

Exotic cars were the theme for Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah at Woodfield Country Club.  ●  The lobby staircase was elegantly draped in swags of black organza fabric interspersed with miniature Tivoli lights.  ●  A large sign was placed at the entrance to the staircase that read: “Proceed to Andrew’s Showroom.” This introduced the exotic and luxury car theme to arriving guests. It featured a high-end sports car along Andrew’s party logo, and it was trimmed in party lights.  ●  An amazing party atmosphere was created in the ballroom with dramatic red lighting on the walls and ceiling.  ●  Our artists designed eye-catching theme centerpieces for the guest tables. Each display featured car photos and brand logos of different exotic and luxury cars such as Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, BMW, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce. These were set on top of tall glass vases filled with red gel and lit from within with miniature lights. An array of glass containers was placed at the base of each centerpiece. These also held red gel and floating candles.  ●  The kids’ lounge area included our ultra modern, plexiglass tables, framed in aluminum.  Each table was lit from within with vibrant red lighting. Custom tabletops were decorated with Andrew’s party logo.  ●  A cool exotic car display was created for Andrew’s candle lighting ceremony.

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